About ALBARENT - Since 2009, our foundation year

Albania celebrated the 100-th anniversary of its Independance and state foundation, 1912 - 2012! ALBARENT LTD, founded on 2009, is a 100% albanian owned company proud to represent the highest standards for the albanian car rental and car driven services market. ALBARENT operates with over 300 vehicles of different categories, from economy category, premium to luxury vehicles, 4x4, Pick-Ups, Hybrid, compact cars, minivans or vans, minibuses, bus transportation (tourist transportation vehicles and buses), luxury SUV-s, historical and collection vehicles. Most part of our operating vehicles are under warranty from the manufacturer (more than 90% of the total number). ALBARENT LTD updates and renovates its operating fleet within 2-3 years intervals. Our company’s vehicles are the best available in the market with the newest options, most accessorized and with a diversity of characteristics, offering the best price/quality ratio compared to the standards of the albanian market.
ALBARENT LTD has chosen the harder path to invest in a new Brand. ALBARENT LTD aims and delivers services of higher standards while trying to keep the lowest possible operational costs with the best final results for the client's needs and an affordable price (solution) offered to the client.
Efficiency and simplicity in operating are our main goals. Today ALBARENT LTD delivers its whole volume of operation with its fleet of more than 300 vehicles, and all of our services wherever they may be requested, with a number of operators/workers/agents/staff personel that does not surpass 15 employees.
ALBARENT LTD was funded to satisfy and comply with the market urging request for a contemporary, modern, new, practical and flexible standard for all services of rental vehicles with or without a driver, special services of the VIP –LOUNGE for delegations and special events, as well as for services of high standards (A Category) for touristic purposes in a new era with no more visa borders for visitors from Balkan into Europe.
Another important part of ALBARENT LTD’s activity is the operational lease, medium and long term full operational lease. ALBARENT LTD operates in all Albanian harbors and airports, offering its services in the branches of Shkoder, Elbasan, Korce, Durres, Saranda, Vlore and Pogradeci. In the capital city of Albania, Tirana, ALBARENT LTD offers its services in 2 strategic locations with its headquarters located near the former Bllok area where we own/hold 150 meter2 (square meter) offices and parking spaces and secondly within the offices of Porsche Albania on the highway, the 3rd km, secondary exit road. We are present also at the “Mother Teresa” Rinas International Airport. Our fleet is notable for its new models and brands with the lowest gas emissions operating solely with vehicles equipped with newest engines in accordance with the European Emission Standards such as Euro 4, 5 and Euro 6.
Another strategy of ALBARENT LTD‘s activity, is offering our Luxury Vehicles Services with a professional driver-Chauffeur, for receptions and/or escorting of diplomatic delegations.
ALBARENT LTD takes tourism services seriously, by offering an additional investment with insurance coverage even inside the cabin for each of the passengers’ seats, solely for the safety of our passengers.
Our professional conduct (etiquette) with the clientele is (distinguishably) affectionate, direct and friendly. People who purchase or seek services from ALBARENT LTD feel at home. Our active employees combined, offer services from 07:00 to 21:00 every day of the week, Saturdays and Sundays, even at National Holidays. Our ability and flexibility to adjust to the client needs as well as our commitment for a happy workplace make our clients feel home and always welcomed.
In a short amount of time, ALBARENT LTD has become one of the most important points of reference in Albania, for its variety of services offered, for its quality of products, and a wide range of operating vehicles belonging to the RENT A CAR fleet and to the VIP-LOUNGE one as well as the innovations that our large fleet of minibuses and vehicles of touristic passenger transportation.
Lastly ALBARENT LTD has invested in a fleet of hybrid vehicles, ALBA-ECO-RENT, vehicles with low gas emissions, low consumption and a combination of engine + electro engine  with battery or a gasoline engine aided by an electro engine or other hybrid systems. ALBARENT LTD is concerned about the environment and invests in making change happen thanks to the pro-environment technologies. Today ALBAREN LTD is the albanian company with the highest activity on-line and the biggest number of hits in the main search engines pertaining (relating) to our field.
ALBARENT TOURS is the new structure that was founded to develope and offer more services related to turism abroad and inbound. ALBARENT TOURS aims also inbound tours and proudly wants to share the natural, historical and cultural beauties of Albania with the world. Through its motto “WELCOME to AMAZING ALBANIA” ALBARENT TOURS offers Japanese/English speaking guides and unfolds the delicious traditional cuisine, the Albanian kindness and warm hospitality to all people in general and especially to foreigners.