ALBARENT sh.p.k. invites you to get acquainted with the newest service that we provide in tourist transportation, organized tourist groups, and all other passenger movements at home and abroad. THE BRAND NEW VW CRAFTERBUS 2014, ALBARENT’s newest investment, 20+1 seats minibus, front and back auto CMILATRONIC and climate coming out on each seat, led lighting over each seat and the salon, and a warning button signaling the driver on each seat.

One more jewel from Albarent. Our VIP-LOUNGE Fleet welcomes the new member, the newest VW T5 CARAVELLE, (model year 2011) the top of the top from VOLKSWAGEN Group. Something that was missing, not any longer. Right now at your service with the following options: Engine 2.0 last version Comon Rail TDI 140 HP, very silent and low fuel consumption, VIP cealing, clima over each seat row as well as led lights for each seat. Dark windows at rear and blinds at each window. 2 doors (rain wipes at each door) at rear end and sliding door at the side at rear.

We promised? We brought it! Another meaningfull investment from ALBARENT to upgrade our MINIVAN & MINIBUS FLEET. This time we have choosen the product of the FIFA Official Sponsor, the newest HYUNDAI H-1. HYUNDAI lately overpassed Toyota in european sales records and is becoming one of the main car manufacturers in the world. Hyundai created the new H-1 and we did not hesitate to offer it to our wellserved clients, in the MINIVAN & MINIBUS CATEGORY, a vehicle with great flexibility for passengers and short-long journeys, having available both 8 & 11+1 seats on board.

Book a Minibus from 12 up to 20+1 seats or a Bus from 40 up to 54+1 seats

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