FREE WI-FI INTERNET ONBOARD: ALBARENT offers free of charge for unlimited users wireless internet onboard all our vehicles in driven rental services such as buses, minibuses, vans and VIP-LOUNGE carriers, within Albania!

FAMILY SPECIAL OFFER: For families with 4 to 7 members, renting our vehicles, ALBARENT offers 20% discount from our official price!

HONEY MOON OFFER: For new couples in their Honey Moon trip with Albarent vehicles, we offer 20% discount from our official price!

BUSSINES SPECIAL OFFER: For bussines journeys or driven rentals with our vehicles abroad, ALBARENT offers the Green Insurance for abroad with 50% Discount!

WEEKEND SPECIAL OFFER: For rentals of our vehicles during weekends, ALBARENT offers the delivery of the vehicle on the morning of Friday (not earlier then 09:00 a.m.) - returning of the vehicle on the morning of Monday (not later then 09:00 a.m.) charging only for 2 days - the client pays only for 48 hours, instead of 72 hours!

NO WORRIES OFFER: ALBARENT offers free vehicle cleaning/car wash for clients that return their rented vehicles dirty or not washed, only for rentals of over 1 week duration and if there are no other problems observed upon vehicle return!