ALBARENT l.t.d. (below referred to as ‘Albarent’ or ‘we’) is an operator that offers services in the car rental, driven rental, passenger transportation, tourist services and car dealership market for meeting its customers’ current and future needs.

Protection of privacy and of your personal data is a matter of particular importance to Albarent; thus it has committed to apply rigorously the legal framework for protecting and respecting these rights, as it is stipulated by the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, Law No. 9887 dated 10.03.2008 “On Protection of Personal Data”, Law No. 9918 dated 19.05.2008 ‘On Electronic and Postal Communications’, the Albanian Administrative Code as well as other by-legal acts for its implementation.

Also, Albarent is aware that its customers need to know how their personal data are handled. Thus, the object of this statement is to inform you how Albarent administers your personal data.


Personal Data: Albarent processes personal data of the users of its services, which include name, last name, address, telephone number, mobile number, e-mail address, ID, travel passport, driver's licence, credit or debit cards and any type of contact data.


The personal data that Albarent collects from its customers are always used in compliance with the legislation in force. The personal data are processed honestly, fairly and in compliance with the law. The personal data are processed only for the time period relevant to the specific provisions and terms of the agreement betwen the customer and Albarent. All methods of gathering personal data (e.g. stipulation of contracts or agreements) will entail full and clarifying information on why they are being gathered, and the customer will be informed and requested to give the approval on this regard.

Data saving: Personal data will be saved for the time needed in accordance with the main purpose for their collection. The time period of data saving will be in full compliance with the previsions of the binding contract betwen Albarent and the customer and with the legal framework in force.

Distributing personal data to third persons: Distribution of personal data to third parties is only possible, unless you have given your express consent on this regard. If you have given to a third party your consent in order for Albarent to receive them, then Albarent is not responsible for provision/transferring of these data. Also, in compliance with the legal framework or for the implementation of an order from a competent court, Albarent is obliged to provide your personal data to the specialized state's bodies, e.g. for penal investigation purposes.

If you have questions, suggestions, requests or any claims in regard to utilization of these data by Albarent, then please address us in writing in the following address:

Privacy Officer - ALBARENT l.t.d. Albania
Rr. Ismail Qemali P. 34 Tiranë, Albania

Albarent website and personal data:  The personal data collected through Albarent website www.albarent.al are processed according to the purpose they have been collected for and in full compliance with the legal framework and with this privacy statement. No personal data will be collected by Albarent without the consent of the site visitors.


Albarent is aware of the importance and sensitivity of personal data, and we rigorously respect safety measures provided in Law No. 9887 dated 10.03.2008 ‘On Personal Data Protection”. We do it through use of advanced and modern techniques for preserving data bases and our computer systems. Also, Albarent cares for transferring and registration of data to be made under strict safety measures, in full compliance with the relevant legislation.
However, for any processing of personal data through intermediary parties, through agencies as third parties by commission, through third party on-line reservations or bookings or through any other website other then the Albarent website, Albarent is not responsible for the contents of these systems and advices you to read the privacy statements on these sites. Conditions that these sites bear might change from those of Albarent.

Albarent reserves the right to change or modify this regulation at any time, for the implementation of any potential change in the legislation in force in the personal data protection and privacy field.